27 April, Thursday

'We Must Make More Poetry' by Proletariat Poetry Factory
The PPF Servile Poets get pushed to their art-producing limits by submitting themselves to complete mental subjugation to the Supreme Controller’s whims and market demands. As the poets are forced to lose their sense of time, place and self, what shape will their output take? Order your poem to find out.

Music Performance by Kelly Raphaelle
Kelly Raphaelle's music, sometimes characterised as being dream pop is often inspired by a fascination, followed by an obsession with a feeling, a theme, sound or imagery.

Her music carries with it heavy themes, tinted by nostalgia and juxtaposed with her signature light flair. Her unique, airy yet piercing vocals stir the heartstrings of her listeners sharing the same sentiments as she who sings lightly with a heavy heart.

29 April, Saturday
1PM - 3PM

Zine Jam by Squelch Zines
Zine Jam is an experience for people who are curious to learn what zines are and its culture. Participants will be introduced to traditional techniques and experimental methods to create their own unique individual zines. Everyone from all walks of life can be a zine maker.

4PM - 6PM

Super Farmers
Super Farmers will show you how you can up cycle ordinary household items and discarded packaging into chic and useful plant holders to grow vegetables and herbs. We will also show you how you can transform unwanted materials into beautiful terrariums. Perfect gift ideas for your loved ones. No more spending a fortune on expensive growing gadgets or materials!

30 April, Sunday
1PM - 3PM

Poptsie Paper Co
A marriage between flowers and the written word, bringing a new layer of beauty, beyond meaning and turning the ordinary into something special, personal and heartfelt. Join Trudy from Poptsie Paper Co. as she demonstrates the art of modern calligraphy with delicate flowers and that you can find beauty in the simplest of things.

4PM - 6PM

What better way to personalise your books and stationeries than adding your own stickers? Join Candice (Puffingmuffin) at her DIY sticker booth where you get to create your very own stickers on the spot with her. Candice will walk you through a quick step-by-step guide to create characters on stickers with basic drawing tools. Easy peasy!