The Letter J Supply

What got you into calligraphy?
A friend gave me a golden pen nib from Japan about 4 years ago that piqued my interest. I had this vision of people from a long time ago sitting at their desks with lit candles, covered in piles of paper and envelopes. These people were writing letters or short notes as means of staying in touch with their family, friends and lovers. The pen nib transported me to a world I had not seen before. At that moment, I felt like it could bring me back to a time of ancient writing instruments.

How does your typical workweek look like?
On weekdays, I spend a lot of time doing non-calligraphy related things. Meeting people, doing administrative work and running errands are part of my life. I hone my calligraphic skills on the job - client pieces and new pieces to put up at the store. I conduct workshops every Saturday, which at times take up a full day.

The Letter J Supply is where words become worlds. What makes your pieces recognizable as your brand? 
I think it is the content and themes that I choose to write about. It is important to me because words have the power to create - they can build you up or tear you down. Often, the style I write in may not be technically perfect but I hope they carry the spirit of the words effectively.

You have been experimenting with different brushes and media. 
My progress as an artist is constantly evolving as I take on different mediums. I am excited to move into mixed media, such as layering various printing techniques and handwritten words on a piece of art.

What were the most important values Eleanor Winters imparted to you when you were in New York?
Even after doing the same craft for over thirty years, every job and piece of work is done conscientiously. Regardless of your experience, hard work is still very much required to create an excellent piece.

What can we expect from you at Singapore Art Book Fair 2016?
A new series of quotes from books I picked up at second-hand bookstores.

Say something to the fairgoers!
With the advancement of the digital world, the experience of going to an art book fair could be something that future generations twenty years from now would not be able to enjoy. Cherish the experience while you can! 

Photo Credits: Franz Navarrete