White Fungus

Brothers Ron & Mark Hanson, Founders of White Fungus

What is the power of print to you?
It’s about the depth of engagement and the idea that something tangible can be passed from one person to the other. There’s something to be cherished about a reading experience without pop-up ads and message notifications. It’s a reading experience without metadata.   

How difficult is it to tell captivating stories about the world and its people?
With great writers and strong material it can be done. Some of the biggest challenges are developing that network of contributors and creating the right conditions for them to do the work.   

What’s your recipe for a publication that educates the mind and touches the heart?
In a way it’s simple: content. There are so many aesthetically pleasing magazines out there, but I think it’s really great when design meets ideas, real content, and even journalism.

Say something to the fairgoers of Singapore Art Book Fair 2017!
Coming from neighboring Taiwan, we’re excited to connect with Singapore. The Singapore Art Book Fair is a great chance to what’s going on in regional and international publishing and meet some of the people behind it. We’ll be exhibiting several issues of White Fungus, as well as issues of our bilingual (English and Chinese) sister publication, The Subconscious Restaurant.

More about White Fungus here, and be sure to check out their booth at this year's edition of Singapore Art Book Fair!