What is the most fascinating thing about book fairs and exhibitions?
It allows people to discover new works and interact with the people who are part of creating them. They are the perfect places for people to meet the bookmaking community as well as to share ideas on self-publishing. Over the years, these fairs and exhibitions have also led us to discover new and fascinating bookmakers who push the boundaries of the book medium and redefine what the book can become. 

How can we grow the photo book scene in Singapore, apart from supporting our artists and photographers? 
The thing that drives this is education. We believe that public engagement is important in order to reach out to those who have never tried making a book. This led us to create Dirty Laundry – a bookmaking workshop designed to allow participants to learn not just the fundamentals of the bookmaking process but also how they could sequence images to create new narratives without being intimidated by it. 


What is the power of documentation to you?
Documentation is a very subjective process, as with art. It is fascinating sometimes to be able to discover various perspectives of different individuals in the way they view their world and how they choose to document them.

You will be returning to Singapore Art Book Fair this year. What’s something new we can look out for?
Apart from photobooks that are self-published by Singaporean artists, we will also be bringing in some exciting books from other parts of the world such as, Europe, Japan and China. Also, we have invited our in house designer to be showcasing some of her personal illustration works as well.

More about THEBOOKSHOW here, and be sure to check out their booth at this year's edition of Singapore Art Book Fair!