Chirashi Bomb

First of all, why ‘Chirashi Bomb’? 
Chirashi Bomb was never intended to be an illustration brand until I participated in an art market for fun a year ago and bad withdrawal feels afterwards made me decide to build a brand out of it. It was originally an Instagram account just to consolidate my random creative projects from school and from my own personal projects. It was carelessly named after a combination of my own personal account Chirashihui and the Bangtanbomb videos posted by my favourite Korean boy band, BTS. Now, I interpret Chirashi Bomb as an explosion of my favourite things, which mainly revolve around sushi.

For someone who has managed to collect as many pop up experiences as yourself in just a little over a year, how do you constantly keep things fresh for the audience?
Every month, I try to release an artwork, product line or zine issue so that people always have something new to look forward to.

I’ve just released a new artwork titled 21st Birthday – a rubber ducky themed party where the birthday girl steals a strawberry from her own cake before blowing out the candles. I’m also currently working on pins, bomber jackets, and the second issue of my Tokyo Flush Zine, Akihabara. The zine will explore the vicinity of Akihabara train station through photos and illustrations.
I’ve only been doing giveaways and collaborations so far. In the near future, I hope to come up with fun things I can do with people on Instagram, such as co-making a zine using a common hashtag, or writing a poem together where everyone contributes a line in the comment section, and I add illustrations to it after, and so on.

I try to keep my booth set-ups simple but witty, as long as the table space allows it. I mostly use plain wooden boxes to display my items but I tend to switch it up with cute snack boxes I’ve collected over countless lunch breaks. I've recently upgraded my name card holder from a rice bowl to an instant ramen cup with woollen noodles. I've also added a tatami placemat underneath my sushi bento sticker boxes to mimic a real sushi takeout booth. I will also be making my own neon sign soon.

A peek at Chirashi Bomb's studio shelf

A peek at Chirashi Bomb's studio shelf

What feelings do you hope to breathe into your illustrations? 
A little playful, somewhat dangerous.

Say something to the fairgoers of Singapore Art Book Fair 2017! 
This fair has been my ritual ever since I came to know about it two years ago! It’s a great place to hunt for indie magazines, art prints and local literature that are not easily available at your franchised bookstore. I’m already excited to be participating as an exhibitor for the first time! I’ll be bringing my complete catalogue to the fair – cards, prints, posters, stickers, hand-carved stamps, phone cases, totebags, and so on. There will also be surprise releases that you will only find out when you're here!

More about Chirashi Bomb here, and be sure to check out her booth at this year's edition of Singapore Art Book Fair!