What’s a typical day in the studio like for you?
I work from a home studio, so it's usually breakfast to start off the day. Men can't think well on an empty stomach, can they? Sometimes, I will do a check on the plants in the studio and some reading before starting work. It helps to calm the mind down and start the day off properly. Almost like a transition from home to work.

How has your experience shaped your craft today?
This could be somewhat a cliché, but I believe that if you want to practise design as a profession, then you should 'live and breathe design'. I find it hard to switch my mind off from design. Even at home, I will tend to lay things out according to invisible grids, even down to the smallest items like coasters and toiletries. Design is a way of life, and so it comes naturally as I start working on something.

What is the mark of a good design to you?
I believe that good design serves function, invites and rewards curiosity, and ultimately responds to and satisfies our human desire for both meaning and beauty.

Say something to the fairgoers of Singapore Art Book Fair 2017!
I love attending the Art Book Fair. You should join us if you want to explore many interesting zines and publications. You will also get to meet the people behind the books and zines that you so love. It's always great fun talking to them about their creations.

We will be bringing Issue 1 of our first comic Furrie & Shortie/毛毛与矮矮 - To be the most Wonderful You to the fair. It is a story about 2 imperfect characters making sense in this imperfect world. There is also a little story about finding one's roots. Inspired by Old Master Q (老夫子) and 三毛, the comic is largely in 4-6 square format per story. Most of them are simple yet reflective. The comic hardly has any words, and any Chinese text is translated. We have also been told by many that it's suitable for all ages.

We will also be selling a very limited copies of our earlier publication Kidnap Bob and Goodbyetime.

Goodbyetime by Ampulets

Do come and have a chat with us!

More about Ampulets here, and be sure to check out his booth at this year's edition of Singapore Art Book Fair!