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Are more people starting to invest in cultured content and design that’s more relevant to the digital era?
I believe good content transcends trends and eras. People look to magazines for inspiration – whether that comes in the form of words or images is extremely personal. Some customers come by seeking more design-driven content; for others, only long-form essays and think-pieces will do; while some dreamers demand a magazine with a good mix of both (thankfully, Lucky Peach exists for those who want the best of all worlds).

What are some lesser-purchased magazines you think more people should dedicate their time to?
Everyone needs to get in on the magic that is The Happy Reader, brought to you by the good people of Fantastic Man and Penguin. Every page of Future Perfect is an utter delight, and Riposte never fails to leave me feeling inspired.

How was The U Symposium?
It is always an immense honour and privilege to meet the people behind the magazines you love and admire. And to see that they are just like us – they just happen to make awesome magazines. When you listen to them speak about their titles and from off-stage interactions, you realise what makes independent magazines so special is that their makers have found their voice – and how lucky we are to be able to hear it loud and clear, issue after issue.  

Is Print the future?

Print is forever. 

What can we expect from you at Singapore Art Book Fair 2016?
A tight edit of titles made up of independent mainstays, as well as more obscure reads – both the “art” and the “book” elements are equally important.   

Say something to the fairgoers!
“For me, the future is going to be about in-person transactions and real conversations, skills and sharing in real spaces, rather than the cabaret of the nameless we’ve witnessed over the past decade.” Wise words from the inimitable Penny Martin of The Gentlewoman

Main Photo Credit: Jovian Lim