Atelier HOKO

What does HOKO mean and how did the team form? 
‘HOKO’ is simply a combination of our family name: Alvin HO and Clara KOh. We met while studying in Temasek Polytechnic many years ago. It was right before graduation that we decided to work together as we were not so excited about joining any company that time.

Why did you embark on your research activity, Science of the Secondary?
First and foremost, we are very curious about our everyday. It is really nice when you observe something closely without having the ‘I know..’ mindset because there are so many things that we really do not know. Secondly, we were pre-dominantly trained in product design but as we develop and especially after reading our Masters at the Design Academy Eindhoven, we could not find any reason or meaning to produce another object so we thought it might be nice to step back a little and think about what else or how else we can approach design. Science of the Secondary is not meant to be a conclusion of this inquiry, but as a process of understanding. 

What were the biggest challenges faced when creating each issue?
Everything. Every subject poses its own challenge. How we examine and uncover the “secondary conditions” of an apple is vastly different from a window. These differences are perhaps what keep us sane. 

Do you think more people are starting to appreciate how Art and Design is present everywhere?
We are not sure but Art and Design has always been present in the everyday. This is a nice way to think about it.

What can we expect from you at Singapore Art Book Fair 2016?
We will be doing a soft launch of the 7th edition from the Science of the Secondary series. This time round, the subject is egg. We will also be releasing the second print run of Apple, Cup and HABIT©AT.

Say something to the fairgoers! 
While many have said that everything in art and design has been done before, we must also ask, what have we done for ourselves?