Aiwei Foo

The Beaming Girl stems from self-acknowledgement and empowerment. What realizations have you received so far?
I think I should stop doing it after certain point of time - perhaps the time is now or soon, until that character is fading out from me as we human beings progress from one phase to another.

There is an understated aura in your photographs – almost dreamy and reflective. 
All self-portraits were taken with a self-timer camera in various public and private places. The protagonist in the series has been manipulated with a beam from the eyes, which explains ‘The Beaming Girl’. This has become an art performance staged in real life where the boundary of life and art is blurred. It reflects my thought process (as an artist) on the framing of art: Where or how art is seen as art and what and when it is not? The role of an artist is hence ambiguous and not easily identified and categorized.

You photograph, write and illustrate. How do you decide which art form to take on to best represent your visions? 
Many times I find that a certain expression simply cannot be understood through a single medium. How would I convey a piece of music through my painting? (I was trained in Western painting in art school) I reckon each stroke, composition and colour could translate the idea. However, I choose to create music with tools that are alien to me. Tapping on my foundation as a painter, I translate the context of music in the form of strokes, lines and dots to create the rhythm. I treat it as an experimentation and definitely a very personal approach in art making.

What is your philosophy when it comes to creating?
Anything can be a piece of art. At the same time, not everything is a piece of art. I think this relies on the framework, context and the intention of the artist.

What can we expect from you at Singapore Art Book Fair 2016?
I’m excited to share the Spring and Summer issues of my journal, Semi Private Life in Helsinki and other art pieces!

Say something to the fairgoers!
There is a delay in releasing the final two seasons of the book, thus they won’t make it to the Art Book Fair. We still have the intention to release them by this September. Stick around!