4/4 A Party of Four

What role did Glasgow School of Art play in driving your creativity?
The school was a platform for anything to happen. Being in a class of seventy students, it was almost impossible not to be inspired by what each other did. I think one of the biggest takeaways was to cultivate the habit of experimenting, be it crafting or developing an idea.

Where were the photographs taken in Issue 0 — Yesterday’s Today (1 of 4)?
These photographs were taken by Leonard across Europe during and after an immersion programme in Glasgow. As much as time is a unit of measurement, these photographs reflect a summative point for the period of duration. Those were the events we remember best, however the moments became a blur with time. In this issue, he explores the relation between time and the memories we create.

Do you believe that time is a human construct? 
We believe that time has been around all along. Human beings only started to see it as unit of measurement to frame our society. Personally, I don’t think time is a human construct. In this issue, we explore different perspectives of what time is and what it could be to all of us.

What exactly is the meaningless pursuit of time?
The meaningless pursuit of time is about chasing the indefinite loops in life just to find its worth. Sometimes, in the midst of it, we risk of losing everything else. It’s kind of meaningless to chase what we cannot hold in our hands or see with our eyes but we just have to keep going to achieve what we want. In this issue, Christine talks about her own pursuit of time, how she copes with time and creates meaning for things that matter along the way.

What can we expect from you at Singapore Art Book Fair 2016?
We hope to offer new perspectives towards objects that exist in our daily lives which we often take for granted.

Say something to the fairgoers!
We really enjoyed putting together our first zine! We hope that you will enjoy experiencing the meaning of time through our eyes and minds. Do check us out and the other great works at the fair!