Pearlyn Sim

How does one understand art?
Art is complex. How a person deciphers an artwork can differ from another. There is no definite answer. What is interesting is that an artwork can have many breaths of life each given by a different person. Whenever I visit an exhibition, I tend to avoid diving straight into the write-up(s), if there is any, to truly immerse myself in the sensorial experience.

There are also people asking me what my work means down to the specifics, which I hesitate to explain (sometimes I may not have the answer to it either) as I felt it destroys the essence of the work. After all, to me, the role of art is to question and provoke us - the audience.

What do you think is often neglected in the natural world, and how do you translate that into your art?
As city dwellers, we tend to be detached from the natural world, as it is not an immediate reach to us. I guess the idea of the natural world is just another picturesque place. Even till now, I'm still convincing people around me that dolphins exist in our shores!


One of my main series, It Is Almost Like A Wonderland, is an imaginative modern society in the setting of the natural world. In each painting, I have used a particular natural terrain and animal to express modern day issues.

What is the power of creation to you?
To have no limitations.

Say something to the fairgoers of Singapore Art Book Fair 2017! 

I will be launching my new publication, Let Us Discover Yet Again, based on the MacRitchie forest; with hopes to inspire readers to take a step back and (re)discover nature in Singapore.

Find out more about Pearlyn Sim here and be sure to check out her booth at this year's edition of Singapore Art Book Fair!