Some of the zines that will be on showcase at the Singapore Art Book Fair special – Wall of Women – featuring female zine makers from across the globe.

#1 Fulfil my book haul goals
#2 Meet new friends! 
#3 Check out the Wall of Women

One of the first few stops will most likely be Magpie Magazines and Nobrow. I’m a huge fan of Nobrow’s publications and totally love the illustration magazines Magpie carries. The ones with whimsical illustrations are definitely the first to catch my attention. The book fair is fabulous for meeting like-minded artist and exchanging ideas – it’s a really good opportunity to meet with artists outside of Singapore. For me, chatting with artists from overseas always encourages me to widen my horizons and break free from my comfort zones.

What are your thoughts on the rising appreciation for more varied illustration art in Singapore?Illustration art in Singapore has definitely come a long way. I’m very thankful and heartened to be one of the contributing artists in the current industry but we still have a long way to go. Singapore, being a cosmopolitan city and a country that’s so rich in diversity – that may just be the unique quality of our local arts scene.

The latest collection of sticker packs by Puffingmuffin

That said, it would be a tremendous progress for local audience to build a rising appreciation for more varied illustration styles. This encourages illustrators to push our boundaries – to explore and experiment with different mediums and styles to the fullest. On top of that, illustrators could also take on a more collaborative approach to enrich ourselves. We often work alone, and sharing of ideas will really help to improve the quality of our creative works. Even the simplest of things like talking or having a casual doodle session over coffee with friends can greatly help to perk up our creative juices. Don’t you think?

All in all, it’s a two-way thing. The local audience and illustrators both play just an important role in challenging one another. Together, I believe we can definitely strive to create a richer and more diverse illustration scene in Singapore.

Tell us more about your DIY Sticker Booth at Singapore Art Book Fair 2017!

Some of Puffingmuffin's Stickmojis. These are made with watercolour, but she will be providing friendlier mediums like markers and colour pencils at the fair.

I’m calling this DIY Sticker Booth STICKMOJI. The idea is to allow visitors to have a hand in creating a sticker by drawing an emoji of their mood at the book fair. No drawing experience needed! I will be there to share tips and guide you along, so this will be super chill booth. I hope to do a collage of everyone’s work and sharing it online by the end of the session. Materials will be provided and all are welcome to join. I’m very excited to see everyone’s Stickmojis! 

More about Puffingmuffin here, and be sure to join her Sticker Booth, STICKMOJI – on 30th April, 4 to 6pm, at this year's edition of Singapore Art Book Fair!