Squelch Zines

Squelch Zines


RUBBISH Famzine #6 that will be launched at magCulture in London (20th April) and Singapore Art Book Fair (28th April). Credits: Pann Lim

#1 RUBBISH FAMZINE (of course!)
#2 Atelier HOKO
#3 Say hi to Robert Zhao

The zine has a rich history and has served much purpose for makers and readers throughout different era and subcultures. How do perceive its role where we are now?
These days, zines are no longer just band newsletters or gig posters. It has evolved to become a platform for people to speak and do what they want in a creative manner; or any manner they want it to be. It is after all, an expansive tool that is easy enough for anyone to take up. This subculture is becoming more recognised as compared to its underground reputation in the past – and it is a good thing because it is a very useful and versatile medium to convey a message or thought from an individual or a collective. We think that more people should get to know the zine and how to make one on their own and expand their creation from there.

Tell us more about Zine Jam and what we can expect at Singapore Art Book Fair 2017! 
Zine Jam is an introduction to zine making to anyone who is looking to explore new methods of craft, or for curious parties who may not know what a zine is. It demonstrates traditional techniques and experimental methods to create unique individual zines.

More about Squelch Zines here, and be sure to check out their booth at this year's edition of Singapore Art Book Fair!